Business Partner With Family Values

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Brokerage services &  logistics

We offer the following services:


1. Objective and independent consultations on all aspects of the international market of grocery products, nuts and dried fruits, fish snacks, frozen fish and seafood.

2. Assist clients in finding the best bid on the worldwide market.

3. We provide negotiations and assistance in talks with suppliers.

4. We coordinate and sign the contracts with suppliers.

5. We fulfill cargo escorting.

6. We offer customs import clearance and the services of customs clearance agent.

7. Storage of cargoes at own customs-licensed warehouse.

8. Storage of general cargoes, mixed freight at the warehouses, in refrigerating freezing chambers.

9. Loading-unloading operations.

Business Partner  With Family Values

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Phone: +380 44 569 51 01

Fax: +380 44 569 86 72

20 Academic Palladin Avenue, of. 8, Kiev, Ukraine

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