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First supplies of rice, raisins, peanuts from China, Brazil, India, Argentina, Spain.

1996 – 1997: The company increased imports, the founders of Stream-KnK visited all countries from which the commodities were being imported to Ukraine, and established direct partnership relations and favorable cost/quality ratio with the best producers. The market supply of Stream-KnK on the Ukrainian market became unique. Thanks to different harvest periods in the Northern and Southern hemispheres the company imports the freshest products: pistachio and raisins from Iran and Turkey, rice from Italy, hazelnuts from Italy, Egypt, China, India, Myanmar and Pakistan, peanuts from Egypt, India, China, Cameroon, Brazil, Argentina, USA. Thanks to Stream-KnK the Ukrainian market has a stable quantity and quality of peanuts – Runner from America, Bold and Java from India, Exotic from Africa.

The company started importing wild rice named “Aquatic” and “Californian Rose” for sushi from USA, golden parboiled paddy from Greece, Spain, India and Pakistan, brown rice, excellent Italian “Arborio”.


The presence of the best quality rice and peanuts on the Ukrainian market stabilized the prices (on the level of local grain and nuts prices). The confectionery companies, restaurants and retailers highly appreciated our imports as very competitive products and healthy food.

1999-2004:  Ukrainian consumers enjoyed our new commodities: cashew from India and Vietnam; pistachio from USA, Iran, China, Israel; almond from USA; coconut flakes from Vietnam and Tanzania; peanuts of all kinds (in shell, red, blanched) from all countries of production.

Stream-KnK expanded the assortment of imported commodities and imported spelding and dried fish and seafood from Thailand, Vietnam; expanded the assortment of imported almond, cashew, dried plum, and pistachio of various kinds.

We are the family business with over 20 years of history. The company was founded in the first years of Ukrainian independence. Since early 1990s Stream-KnK has developed from a small family office to the big company, which continues following initial family values. Every client is valuable; therefore we build our work in accordance with a personal demand.


Over decades Stream-KnK has been a leader of supplying high-quality commodities for Ukrainian grocery, snack and confectionery industries, trade companies and restaurants. Below is the history of Stream-KnK:

First supplies of peanuts, tea, fruit sticks, hibiscus tea and rice Giza-67 Camolino (with olive oil) from Egypt.

2007-2012: Besides the imports Stream-KnK initiated the program of supporting Ukrainian farmers who produced rice in Crimea and Azov sea region. We assisted them in growing best sorts of local rice, and with the help of foreign experts and Ukrainian engineers we installed new electronic equipment to produce cereals. Unfortunately the rice fields and the factory are lost in a military border zone.

Stream-KnK continues successfully developing on the Ukrainian market. You are welcome to join us for mutually beneficial cooperation. We hope that high quality food will become more and more affordable for Ukrainian consumers.

Business Partner  With Family Values

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