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Stream-KnK: 20 years with Ukraine

More than twenty years ago Ukraine gained independence and all Ukrainian citizens got equal rights to shape the future of his or her family.


It was not easy to introduce and apply the term “family business” in the country which industry did not work and people replaced cash flow with barter operations.


People tried to survive and helped each other in different ways depending on their characters, education and vitality.


Old traditions of our ancestors who cultivated grain varieties and produced bread helped us to understand, that local bread should be accompanied with rice, which is one of the most popular commodities in the world.


We created the brands “Coral” (long rice) and “Perlyna” (round rice), which contained the letters of family members. These brands still exist in Ukraine and are very popular among rice lovers.


Rice farmers from all the countries, where rice bags with the words “Ukraine, Stream-KnK” were loaded on the ships, wish you successful business and Bon Appetit!

Business Partner  With Family Values

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